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Routino OpenStreetMap Router This web page allows routing within the data collected by OpenStreetMap. Select start and end points (click on the marker icons below), select routing preferences then find a route.
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Quick Start
Click on marker icons (above) to place them on the map (right). Then drag them to the correct position. Zooming the map before placing the markers is probably easiest. Alternatively type the latitude and longitude into the boxes above.

Select the transport type, allowed highway types, speed limits, highway properties and other restrictions from the options above. Select "Shortest" or "Quickest" to calculate the route and display it on the map.

Clicking on the marker icons will toggle the display of them on the map. When a route is calculated it will visit (as close as possible for the selected transport type) each of the waypoints that have markers on the map in the order given.

Transport Type
Selecting a transport type will restrict the chosen route to those on which it is allowed and set default values for the other parameters.

Highway Preferences
The highway preference is selected as a percentage and routes are chosen that try to follow the preferred highways. For example if a "Primary" road is given a "110%" preference and a "Secondary" road is given a "100%" preference then it means that a route on a Primary road can be up to 10% longer than on a secondary road and still be selected.

Speed Limits
The speed limits chosen here for the different types of highway apply if the highway has no other speed limit marked or it is higher than the chosen one.

Property Preferences
The property preference is selected as a percentage and routes are chosen that try to follow highways with the preferred property. For example if a "Paved" highway is given a "75%" preference then it means that an unpaved highway is automatically given a "25%" preference so that a route on a paved highway can be 3 times the length of an unpaved one and still be selected.

Other Restrictions
These allow a route to be found that avoids marked limits on weight, height, width or length. It is also possible to ignore one-way restrictions (e.g. if walking).

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