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Routino is an application for finding a route between two points using the dataset of topographical information collected by

This router uses a routing algorithm that takes OSM format data as its input and calculates either the shortest or quickest route between two points. To optimise the routing a custom database format is used. This allows the routing to be performed quickly after a modest one-off pre-processing stage.

A selection is possible for any of the major OSM transport types and for each of the main OSM highway types a preference can be provided and a speed limit. Restrictions on one-way streets, weight, height, width and length are also options. Further preferences about road properties (e.g. paved or not) can also be selected.

The processing of the input XML file is based on rules in a configuration file that transform the highway tags into tags that are understood by Routino. The generation of the output files (HTML and GPX) uses language fragments selected from another configuration file which allows multi-lingual output from the same database.

The router takes into account private/public/permissive restrictions on highways as well as tagged speed limits and barriers (gates, bollards). The simplest and most common turn restriction relations (those composed of a way, node and way) are also supported.


An online demonstration of Routino providing routing within the UK is available. Adding more data would allow routing over a larger area but resources on this website limit it.


9th June 2015 - Routino now compiles on Windows
A set of changes have been added to Routino that allows it to compile on MS Windows with Cygwin, MinGW or MSVC. There are a few limitations which are described in the documentation. These changes can be downloaded in the latest subversion version.
Subversion instructions.
26th April 2015 - Hungarian translation available
A Hungarian translation of the Routino XML file (used when calculating route descriptions) and the Router and Visualiser web page are available. These were provided using the translations tool and can be downloaded in the latest subversion version.
Translation tool.
Subversion instructions.
8th November 2014 - Version 2.7.3 of Routino released
Slightly reduced memory usage and large reduction in time to generate routing database on low memory systems.
Full release information.
New benchmarking for low memory.
26th June 2014 - Version 2.7.2 of Routino released
A few bug fixes for bugs introduced in version 2.7.1 on 64-bit systems.
Full release information.
17th May 2014 - Version 2.7.1 of Routino released
Lots of bug fixes, some for new bugs in v2.7 but many for older bugs. Changed the way that 'cyclebothways' is handled but this means that this version is not compatible with databases from older versions.
Full release information.
22nd March 2014 - Online translation tool available
To simplify the creation of new translated versions of the router web pages and route instructions an online tool is available to simplify their creation. If you would like to improve Routino's support for your language please join in and translate something.
Translation tool.
22nd March 2014 - Version 2.7 of Routino released
Update web page HTML for touch screens. Allow choice of either Leaflet or OpenLayers Javascript map libraries. Simplify the creation of translated web pages. Add '--output-stdout', '--reverse' & '--loop' option to router. Allow bicycles both ways on certain oneway roads if tagging allows. Fix a few small bugs and improve parsing of limits.
Full release information.
26th January 2014 - Leaflet router preview
A Leaflet version of the web pages will be included in the next release. Previews of the new Leaflet version and OpenLayers version of the updated router are available for trial.
Please report any problems - use the e-mail address at the bottom of the page.
13th January 2014 - French translations added
A French translation of the router web page and route instructions will be included in the next release. The existing router has been updated already and the two changed files can be downloaded here and here.
More translations are always welcome - use the e-mail address at the bottom of the page.
6th July 2013 - Version 2.6 of Routino released
Much faster database generation and faster routing (especially for slim mode). Simpler compile-time configuration (Makefile.conf). Improved data visualiser with access to data parsing errors and the ability to see the details of any item displayed.
Full release information.

Older news (pre version 2.6)

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This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.