Routino : Route Planner for OpenStreetMap Data

Routino Versions

Starting in version 2.7 of Routino there are two different user interfaces available. These are functionally identical except that they use different Javascript libraries for displaying the map. There is very little difference to see in the two user interfaces as can be seen from the two examples below.

An alternative version of Routinos based on the "destination-access" branch of the code is available. This allows routes to start or finish on highways which are private or have destination access and can not normally be routed along.

Select one of the pictures below to test the router version.

Leaflet Version

Leaflet version

The Leaflet library is the same as the one used on the OpenStreetMap website and is available at

Openlayers Version

Openlayers version

The OpenLayers library offers many more functions than Leaflet but is quite a lot larger, it can be downloaded from

Openlayers2 Version

Openlayers 2 version

The OpenLayers version 2 library is no longer being developed but has similar features to the latest OpenLayers library, it can be downloaded from

Route Statistics

If you calculate a route using one of these examples then information about the route parameters are collected to produce Statistics about the routes that have been calculated.